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Explore its archeological sites, and enjoy its endless beaches.

Discover the beauties of Greece!

While staying in Karvouno villas, you can be as lazy or as active as you wish. In case it is the latter, we can help you discover the beauties of Greece, learn its history, explore its archeological sites, and enjoy its endless beaches.

  • Nicopolis :
    The Nicopolis in Epirus, whose name contains the word victory, is built on the peninsula which separates the Amvrakikos bay from the Ionian Sea andis located across from Actium (Aktio) and 6 km north of Preveza.
  • River Acheron :
    River Acheron is believed to be the ancient river Styx. In mythology the water was supposed to have magical powers, Achilles mother bathed him in the waters of the river Acheron as a baby, offering him immortality. His heel was the part the waters didn’t touch thus making it his only vulnerable spot.
  • Meteora :
    Excursion to one of the most breathtaking sites on earth. A rare geological phenomenon, Meteora (meaning ‘suspended in air’), is at the foot of the Pindos Mountains, 120km from Ionannina.
  • Dodoni :
    The sanctuary of Dodoni was as spiritual place in ancient Greece. It was one of the oldest Greek oracles and ancient people traveled great distances in order to consult the priests who foretold the future.
  • Corfu:
    The jewel of the Ionian Sea. Corfu town (known locally as Kerkyra) will embrace you and leave you breathless with its beauty and culture. This old Venetian town, resplendent in colours of blue and gold, dominated by its imposing 16th century fortress, sums up the essence of Corfu’s history.
  • Paxos & Antipaxos:
    According to Greek mythology these islands were created when Poseidon struck Corfu with his trident, causing the southernmost tip to break off and float away to become a separate island. This small island then became his ‘love nest’, where he could hide from his jealous wife and conduct his affair with the nymph Amphytrite, in peace and seclusion.
  • Parga:
    Parga is built as an amphitheatre of rare beauty. It is built on the fringes of the Enetic castle and it is clearly influenced by the architecture of the Ionian Islands. The beautiful Parga challenges you to explore its long history, the varied funds of natural beauty and the hospitality of its residents.
  • Metsovo :
    Metsovo is a mountain town near Ioannina that has been built at an altitude of 1160m. The area of Metsovo is surrounded by high mountains and its name is derived from the Latin word mansion, describing the use of Metsovo as a temporary, but key station at the Pindos mountain passes from Epirus to Thessaly and Macedonia and vice versa. Since the Ottoman Empire, Metsovo emerged as one of the major centers of mountainous farming.
  • Ioannina:
    Ioannina is the biggest city of Epirus and the capital city of the prefecture. Being built on the bank of Lake Pamvotis in 500 m altitude, it fascinates everyone with its beauty and its warm atmosphere. It is a lively city of 100.000 inhabitants, which carries a history of centuries. Each alley and square, each part of the city echoes its great tradition.





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Very nice villas! Perfect modern design, nice seashore and beach, calm clean sea. Genius views! Super-friendly staff.

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Been there for swimming, beautiful setting.VERY CLEAN, VERY QUIET, low pricing on the coffees, beers.


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Hidden away from the crowds, though not easy to miss once you moor in its bay! Peaceful environment for people of good taste!


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